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Is Oeuvre App just a standard route optimisation application? Aren’t there many solutions already out there?

Oeuvre is more than an app that optimizes your daily delivery route, Oeurve orchestrates and re-optimizes routes by allocating different drivers to different locations whilst minimizing congestions. Oeurve provides you flexibility and control in your hands.

Is Oeuvre easy to use? Why should I use this app?

You can start your day by searching for your delivery destinations. Oeurve optimises and automagically orchestrates you a recommended route. This route has been calculated to give you the optimum route with least waiting time. You just need to follow this route and you are good to go. Watch our video on how you can use Oeurve with ease.

When I enter a destination, and Oeuvre does the routing for me, is there a loading bay slot booked for me?

Oeurve optimises the route and minimise congestion for you. It is not necessary to book a loading bay slot separately.

Can I not follow the recommended route?

Whilst you don’t have to follow our recommended route, you can definitely save time and reduce congestion each time you use our recommended route.

I can’t find the address in Oeurve. How do I add this in?

You can simply enter any address in Oeurve. When you can’t find any address in Oeurve, please contact us at help@oeuvreconnect.com

Is there a way to upload the addresses directly to Oeuvre instead of adding them one by one?

You can easily add addresses one by one for now. We will be releasing a feature to upload addresses directly very soon.

I didn’t manage to reach the destination on time. What should I do?

Don’t fret, once you arrive at your destination and have completed your delivery, simply swipe complete and Oeuvre will automagically re-optimise the remaining of your destinations. Just follow the newly recommended route and you on your way to your remaining destinations in a breeze.

Can I choose a specific time to reach a certain destination, and ask Oeuvre to auto-route the remaining destinations?

Oeuvre allows you to specify all your destinations at the start and will auto-route accordingly. While you are not able to add specific timings to destinations, you will be able to specify a time for a particular destination soon, in a future update.

What do I have to do when I reach each destination?

Once you arrive at each destination and have successfully fulfilled your delivery, simply slide to complete.

Why do I still have to queue when I reach my destination? Isn’t Oeuvre supposed to remove congestion?

Traffic congestion is unpredictable and unavoidable especially during peak periods. Even in these conditions, Oeuvre will still provide you the shortest route and minimum congestion.

Will Oeuvre make me travel a longer distance/route?

Oeuvre helps you to complete your route in the shortest time frame and with minimum traffic congestion at all times. Sometimes the shortest time frame doesn’t mean the shortest route.

I have an issue with Oeuvre. How can I report this problem?

We are sorry you had faced a problem with our app. Please take note (preferably a screenshot) of the token that was returned in the error message and contact us at help@oeuvreconnect.com with a description of the problem. We will help to solve your problem as soon as we can.

What is the Pricing for Oeuvre?

Oeuvre is currently free for use. This might change in the future.

I like your Oeuvre App,how can we find out more?

You can drop us an email @ hello@oeuvreconnect.com, reach us @ +65 6417 2939 or visit us at Supply Chain City, 8 Bulim Avenue #08-06 Singapore 648166.

I have a cool app / technology that we can collaborate on. Can we integrate?

Oeuvre is built from ground up for easy integration with existing tools. Call us @ +65 6417 2939 or email @ hello@oeuvreconnect.com for a discussion.