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App Update: Simplified & Improved flow

We’re Constantly Looking For Ways To Make Your Experience With Us Better

Driving with Oeuvre means more than just making delivering on the road. From choosing when and where to drive to, tracking progress, improving work efficiency—Oeuvre will help you make the choices at every turn along the way. That’s why we’re excited to announce the upcoming update of our app, designed to provide drivers with more support, so Oeuvre works better you.

Through research, feedback sessions, and UX testing, we worked with drivers to understand how we could build features that would best meet their needs. The result is a user-focused app, designed, and built for the drivers in mind.

Simplified & Improved Flow

According to the insights that we have learned, our initial Oeuvre app did not follow the users’ mental model and we have been told that the flow of inputting destinations was confusing.

Users had to decide when they want to do their delivery, input start location, end location, then finally their multiple delivery locations – all on different pages, which is not a very intuitive experience. Hence, to create a more familiar and seamless flow, we worked on following the users’ mental model to reduce friction for users.

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