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New Feature: Removing the guesswork from your daily routine

You’re ready to go make deliveries. How can you improve efficiency?

We want to help remove some of the guesswork because we know your time is valuable. So, we’re introducing Oeuvre Congestion View, which helps you optimise your list of deliveries by taking into considerations busy areas during busy times and Oeuvre will automagically help you plan a route that avoid congestions as well as booking a bay for you.

Now you can use Oeuvre to help you take advantage of the visibility of congested area so you can get the most out of your deliveries delivering with Oeuvre.

Let’s get into the details:

Map traffic color shows congestion at bay:

With this, you will know where the congestion is and Oeuvre will get you through it. Knowing of the delay is good and you will also receive automatic faster route suggestions so you can take an alternate route to avoid the traffic jam. This not only saves your time but also optimizes the traffic flow as you do not contribute to making the congestion even worse.

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